About the ELSA Law Review

The ELSA Law Review

The ELSA Law Review is a bi-annual, student-edited and peer-reviewed law journal published by the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA).

The mission of the ELSA Law Review is to create a forum for the analysis and discussion of contemporary legal issues by serving as an avenue for the ELSA network to publish its academic work. It aims to provide law students and young lawyers, as well as the wider legal profession, with a source of critical commentary that is outside the scope of the typical legal curriculum.

The ELSA Law Review was founded in 1989 and it was published twice per year until 1996. It was re-established in 2015.

I hope that participation in the ELSA Law Review, featuring fellow - and peer-reviewed articles, will allow an invaluable practical experience in legal writing, which will pay dividends later in the practice of law as well as in academia.
Thorbjørn Jagland

Former Secretary General of the Council of Europe
Characteristics & Opportunities

Contributing to your future career by developing practical research skills

An opportunity to expand your legal knowledge and to exercise your legal writing skills and legal English

Valid publication and recognition in a professional environment with an opportunity to be cited by other students and professionals

It is in this spirit that I am fully supportive of the efforts and the ambition of ELSA in relaunching its law review and, by doing so, not only providing promising young thinkers an international forum to promote and test their ideas but also actively encouraging many students around our continent to start developing and articulating them. We count on these students, as we always do on the younger generations, to be diligent as well as creative, to be critical as well as constructive, to dare show us new possibilities and then, upon graduation if not before, start transforming them into reality.

Former President of the European Commission
The structure of the ELSA Law Review

After the call for submissions for the new edition of the ELSA law review is launched, the authors are provided with time to contribute with their articles, essays, case notes etc.

The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board, consisting of students and young lawyers, provides feedback to the authors and pre-selects the articles that fulfil the basic quality standards.

The Academic Board

Legal Professionals and Academics select the best articles that are going to be published in the ELSA law review and provide the selected-to-be-published authors with academic feedback.