Submission Deadline

The call for submissions for the second issue of the 2020 ELSA Law Review closes on 1 September 2020!

Submission Documents
Topics for the 2020 ELSA Law Review

Human Rights Law

ELSA's vision is 'A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity'. Human Rights law is a permanent focus of ELSA, furthering the social responsibility and awareness amongst the next generation of legal professionals.

Law and Technology

During it's current International Focus Programme, ELSA focusses on the interplay between law and technology. The topic seeks to explore (1) how technology and technological developments may affect law and (2) how law and regulation may affect the realisation of the full potential of technology and innovation. The topic of Law and Technology is wide and encompasses all aspects of law necessary to analyse properly the challenges and opportunities posed by this Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Submission Criteria
Submission Process
  • Submission

    Make sure to submit your work on time via the Submission Form above.

  • Editorial review

    Submissions will be reviewed by the Editorial Board and Submissions fit for publication will be sent to the peer-review.

  • Peer review

    In the peer review phase, further feedback is gathered and sent back to the author. The author is expected to incorporate the feedback and send in the final version of their submission afterwards.

  • Publication

    Once all the Submissions have been recieved, the merging, typesetting and technical editing will be done. At the end of this process, the ELSA Law Review will be published digitally and physically.